Orlie Gruper Executive Advisor, EcoMotion Israel Innovation Institute

Writing this I am moved as this is the last year I am leading the EcoMotion Main Event which grew to EcoMotion Week. I feel blessed for being part of this revolution, part of this community, part of the global ecosystem, creating the present and future of smart mobility. From being the first female entrepreneur in the community founding an electric motorcycle company where I helped remove petrol two-wheelers on the roads to clean electric mobility fast forward to my role in the past 5 years of facilitating platforms for all mobility players to interact & create synergies for creation of better future for us and the generations to come. I Hope you felt part of the growth, the deepening, the widening and the scaling, it is thanks to everyone in the community that all of the goals that were envisioned exceeded expectations. I want to thank you for your support, partnership and friendship, I promised to keep supporting this amazing community from the advisory board. It was important to me to find someone with deep understanding and knowledge of the communitywith a big heart to step in before I step out into my next cycle. I am certain EcoMotion will continue to reach new heights with Eviatar’s leadership, and I’m excited to see them. Endless opportunities are arising for all players in the field, responsibilities are shifting as is the process of creation of new products & services. Once created in house behind secretivewalls, today the biggest players are open to collaboration knowing it will benefit all sides. In this revolution, startups will become industry players, OEMs can become energy companies, which can become mobility hubs and insurance companies can become mobility service providers. This is the most interesting chapter to come.

6 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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