SafeMode SafeMode offers behavior-based software to help fleet operators become profitable and safer by engaging and rewarding their drivers. It revolutionized fleet management with a behavior-based software and an incentive program for drivers motivating higher productivity

and safety performances. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED |

Safer Place Safer Place provides video based technology enforcement platform detecting, recording&documenting high risk traffic&parking violations. Our solutions are field proven across EMEA. We improve road safety, increase traffic flow and save lives! ROAD SAFETY | ROUND A | Same-Way AS An integrated transportation system(TIS) that comprises at least one Fleet Management System(FMS), Ride Sharing (RS)module andAdministrator of the TIS that is configured to supervise andmediate communication between the FMS and RSmodule upon uploading transportation service offers through the RS module to potential passengers and cargo. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED | Seamless Vision Seamless Vision revolutionizes Robots as a Service, building a fully autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation technology to enable a seamless navigation in human dense environments, which applies to logistics, inspections, guidance and more. MICROMOBILITY | SEED |

62 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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