Save A Train Save A Train Digitize and Simplify train travel for B2B Partners. TRAINS | SEED | Seamless Vision Seamless Vision revolutionizes Robots as a Service, building a fully autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation technology to enable a seamless navigation in human dense environments, which applies to logistics, inspections, guidance and more. MICROMOBILITY | SEED SHIFT LIVE SHIFT is changing theway corporates aremanaging their transportation demands and services. SHIFT’S platformcreates adaptive optimal route plan, real-time vehicle monitoring and great user experience both on web & mobile. SHAREDMOBILITY | ROUND A | Silentium Silentium develops world-leading noise cancellation technology. The tech, which can be experienced on cars today, cuts 90% of unwanted noise across a broad band of frequencies – 20Hz to 1kHz. This helps prevent driver fatigue and increases EV range. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND B |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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