Trailze Trailze is the world’s best navigation engine designed specifically for micromobility. Our comprehensive SDK allows customers such as operators, delivery companies, and manufacturers - to instantly add navigation capabilities to their product. MICROMOBILITY | PRE - SEED | Tripo Tripopushes personalizeddata at the right time and location, using voice, text, and images, without knowing the user’s destination. Personally tailored by the user’s preferences, past behavior, and wisdom of the TTakeoff A unique patent pending solution for international passengers. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | Tukuoro Voice Open Platform Tukuoro turns any application and/or device into voice enabled, in any language, accent, device, platformor use case, emphasizing accuracy, context and security, privacy, touch free and face mask on. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | crowd. Tripo is a global service. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | SEED |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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