Watergen Watergen has developed a game-changing solutionwhich utilizes the humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water inside a vehicle.Watergen has two categories for itsmobility products: integrated on-board water generation and aftermarket products. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND A |

Waycare Waycare is a cloud-basedplatform, drivenbyAI algorithms, that provides tools for transportation agencies such as incident identification, crash

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

prediction, data reporting, and more. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | ROUND B |

WeBus WeBus is the best affordable ride! The best combination of speed and price, achieved by connecting passengers into a shared taxi.The only


active taxi sharing in Israel. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED |

WeShareit Cutting-edge technology made for the car rental industry. enhances your consumers’ service and simplifies their workflow. An opportunity to engage a variety of business models. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND B |

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