Carrar Carrar developed a disruptive two-phase cooling technology for the automotivemarket.We take care of all of the different heat sources in the electric vehicle, battery pack, power electronics, and more. BATTERIES & STORAGE | SEED | Chakratec Chakratec is global energy solutions provider and operator, deploying breakthrough proprietary kinetic energy storage technologies enabling sustainable and cost-effective deployment of fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations, anywhere. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND C | City Transformer City Transformer is developing intelligent solutions for personal mobility in the urban space. Our core innovation includes a patented foldable platform of our electric shared vehicle, aiming to meet the needs of urban dwellers and cities. EV | ROUND A | Civan Lasers Civan Lasers is a manufacture of lasers for material processing. The dynamic beamshaping capability opens newpossibilities for joining in the E-mobility industry. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND C |

Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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