E-Way E-Way designs, manufactures and distributes electric scooters and motorcycles. E-Way is currently working to refine final assembly on the first high-speed light electric motorcycle for the EU market and expects serial production of the FRS to begin in early Q3 2021. EV | ROUND A | FlexiFuel Developing a flexible-fuel engine to be utilized with renewable fuels. Our engine adjusts automatically to any kind of fuel mixture, without human interference. Using both renewable and conventional fuels offer

Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021

great operational flexibility and cost. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY | PRE – SEED |


Flower Turbines Inc. Wemake innnovative small wind turbines and e-bike charging stations. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY | ROUND A |

Free Energy Electric drive modules for hybrid and electric vehicles filles with

revolutionary solutions. MOTORS | PRE – SEED |

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