Galooli Galooli is a leading innovator of industrial IoT. The company specializes in remote management and predictive analytics of connected assets and energy sources. Galooli’s patented technology enables users to increase revenues, CAPEX, and OPEX savings.


GLR Tech A 3-in-1 technology that will benefit ships, locomotives, trucks, light vehicles, and military vehicles. GLR Tech filter pollutants, capture fine particles and generates energy for a soft transition to hybrid systems. MOTORS | SEED | H2 Energy Now Hydrogen is an amazingmolecule and can play an enormous role in the next generation power delivery.We create green hydrogenwith RF. USA & Eu patents 2019Expanding our test systems to 100Kg of hydrogen. Our testing is 88% vs 60% of electrolysis. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY | PRE - SEED | Hazon Yarok Hazon Yarok (Green Vision) is developing the Hybrid Forest where natural forces are being leveraged by Technology to produce Electricity, Water, Shelter, Communication, and Communities reforesting the Earth

76 Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021

in the most sustainable means. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY | PRE - SEED |

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