HydroLite HYDROLITE is a start-up company owned by Elbit Systems, focusing on novel power-to-hydrogen (Electrolyzer) and hydrogen-to-power (Fuel Cell) devices based on innovative, cost-effective and high-performance AEM technology. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND A IRP Systems IRP has developed a revolutionary electric powertrain system for a variety of e-mobility platforms, offering unprecedented performance& efficiency levels, a unique driving experience, and advanced functionality while being cost-effective. MOTORS | ROUND C |

Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Koron Charging EV from solar power. CHARGING | PRE - SEED |

Kottackal Business Solutions Private GreenPoint is a Blockchain based Vehicle Charging and Back Office Platformwhichprovides: 1) Location, direction and availability of Charging points onmap 2) Easy and hassle free payment for charge using 2DQR code 3) Back office accounting and reconciliation for service provider. CHARGING | SEED |

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