Make My Day Make My Day optimize, simplify, and manage EV Charging for fleets and drivers. By using unique data and technology – MMD helps their B2B customers to reduce costs and Co2 and provides them a positive

ROI from day one. CHARGING | SEED |

Powermat Technologies Powermat Technologies provides advancedQi-certified and proprietary wireless charging platforms for automotive, robotics, consumer electronics,medical devices, IoT, telecom(5G), and Industrial applications. CHARGING | ROUND C |

78 Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Reborn Electric Motors SpA We solved climate change. We capture CO2 at the source and convert it back into natural gas for reuse. We do this with renewable energy.

We created a close loop on carbon. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND A |

REE Automotive REE’s disruptive REEcorner™ technology which packs critical vehicle components into a single compactmodule located between the chassis and the wheel, creating a fully flat EV platform with more room for passengers, cargo and batteries. EV | ESTABLISHED |

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