Shahar Technology Solutions We solved climate change. We capture CO2 at the source and convert it back into natural gas for reuse. We do this with renewable energy.

We created a close loop on carbon. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND A |

Skivolt Skivolt has developed the revolutionary trail blazing electric jetski, we have been developing it for the last 5 years and are now in the stage of prototypes testing. EV | ROUND A | Solar-to-Vehicle Our research group develops solar roof pop-up chargers (conversion kits for small e-Vehicles) with triple area fromdriving to parking to have enough power to get 25-30 km of range per day. Also, the chargers could function as mobile power plants. CHARGING | PRE - SEED StoreDot StoreDot develops extreme fast charge batteries that address the barrier to EV adoption– range & charging anxiety. We’ve transformed the standard Li-ion battery by designing proprietary organic and inorganic compounds, enabling a full EV charge in just 5 minutes – the same as a conventional car. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND C |

Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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