Meir Arnon Chairman of the EcoMotion Week Board Member of the Israel Innovation Institute

Greetings and welcome from EcoMotion: A global health crisis has thankfully failed to slow the rapid evolution of Electrification and Autonomy. To the contrary, the pace of new EV and self-driving projects only has accelerated. General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Geely, Tesla and nearly every other global manufacturer – including many that have never built a car – are unveiling a slew of market-ready models. A generation of flying-cars and spacecraft unlike anything the world has seen approaches realization. Stunning technological innovations and breakthroughs appear almost daily. At the same time, the global shortageof semiconductor chips andunmet demand for software and artificial intelligence specialists have arrived as subjects of concern, influencing the advance of mobility innovation.Within this dynamic tableau of progress liemore opportunities than ever for designers, talent scouts, theorists, engineers, investors, financiers – anyone with a stake in the future of advancedmobility. Here is your chance to connect: the 9th session of EcoMotion onMay 18-20–presented, once more and necessarily, in a virtual format – promises to be more stimulating and rewarding than ever. We at EcoMotion remain committed to innovation that serves all peopleandtheglobal society towardasafer, healthier,moresustainable and peaceful world. Thank you for your participation, understanding and partnership.

8 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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