ThermoSiv ThermoSiv, a thermal disruption to the core of a thermal environment in a vehicle.ThermoSiv smart yarn is coatedwith a conductive compound and boosts EV’s driving range by significantly reducing the energy consumption required for cabin heating. EV | ROUND A |

VHOLA Labs Predictive maintenance solution helping auto makers to seamlessly monitor and adjust electric vehicle’s electromagnetic radiation.


Volteum Volteum is aworld-class simulation engine for electric cars, buses and vans. We eliminate range anxiety by accurately modelling how much energy the vehicle needs for a trip. We sell services through API and as an end-to-end solution for e-mobility, public transport and fleet operator companies. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | PRE - SEED | WATT car industries WATT is a revolutionary two-seater electric urban vehicle. It weights approx. 450 kg (990 lbs), can reach a speed of approx. 120 km/hour (75mph) . Its unique design combines the advantages of amotorcycle, Segway and a car without their drawbacks. EV | PRE - SEED |

80 Electrification & Energy EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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