ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2021 develops &distributes anAI-based perfecter that identifies the intended use of 3D parts and recommends printing parameters to ensure that Additive Manufacturing works — always. PRODUCTION 4.0 | SEED | RightHear RightHear turns public spaces into accessible environments for people with orientation challenges, including the blind and visually impaired. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE | SEED | RobotAI RobotAI software uses a simple camera, like on your smartphone, to estimate 3D position of objects. It’s similar to MobilEye for robotics. The company is in advanced POC stages with multinationals Denso, Deutsche Telekom, Ford, Whirlpool and others. PRODUCTION 4.0 | SEED | Spinframe Technologies Spinframe Technologies offers real-time, AI-enabled vehicle damage inspection & documentation solutions. Our plug&play Realspections stations are deployable at every gateway with a focus on large flows use cases, like shipping & operational centers. LOGISTICS | SEED

92 Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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