Trucknet Trucknet provides fleet management companies with a cloud-based transport optimization platform that delivers smart freight exchange to improve efficiency and profitability, while reducing environmental impact. LOGISTICS | ROUND B | V5 Group V5 Group developing automated quality control system based on machine vision and image-processing algorithms. Genericmultipoint AI based software detects faults in real time frommanufacturing products without shutting down the production lines. PRODUCTION 4.0 | PRE - SEED | VanOnGo At VanOnGo we are building a platform that enables same-day and prescheduled last-mile delivery for brands and retailers of all sizes, and at the same time provides freedom to individuals with our one-click on-demand transportation solution. LOGISTICS | PRE - SEED Vootto Engineered to clear the air in your car of 99.9%of airborne contaminants in under 10minutes, with exclusiveActiveShield technology to destroys germs without harmful by-products - Vootto’s raising the bar in air purifier technology. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE | SEED |

Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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