infrastructure for electric vehicles as well as the urgent extension of digital networks. Without doubt thegreatest challenge ismeeting the very ambitious goals set by the EUCommission in reducingCO2 by 2030: 37.5 percent less for passenger cars. This is only possible with a large percentage of electric vehicles, whether pure battery-driven electric vehicles (BEV) or plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The plug-in hybrid, is key during this transitional stage to an e-mobility era offering drivers both local emission-free transport and desired range. Ramping up e-mobility in Germany is proceeding at high speed. In Q1 2021 alone the number of new registrations for EVs has almost tripled, while the overall market for cars is still 6%below last year’s figures. At present, over 20%of new cars registered are electric. Commercial vehicles in Europe have to reduce their CO2 emissions by 30% over the next decade. This goal cannot be reached by simply optimizing the already very efficient and clean diesel engine. Here, too, an extreme acceleration in electromobility is needed, with the initial focus on heavy trucks used in distribution. For heavy-duty transport over long distances, we need also a powerful charging infrastructure in Germany & Europe – which is currently still in its infancy. For European long haul in particular we need to develop a quick charging network for commercial vehicles at truck stops. The success of commercial vehicles in terms of environmental policy is directly related to this infrastructure of fast chargers –and to the price of electricity being competitive on an international level so as not to overtax the carrier. Just as important as electromobility is digitalization, whichourmember companies are alsoheavily investing in. Here, weneed toquickly create theprerequisites for automateddriving, Car2x communication, datause, safety and security, etc. At EcoMotion theGerman automotive industrymeets highly innovative companies actively shaping themobility sector, recognizingnewbusiness models, andworkingonexcellent, technical solutions.Weareverypleased tobepart of EcoMotion this year. This year seesus takingpart inEcoMotion Week for the first time and we are proud to have innovative partners at our side: Invest in Bavaria, Hamburg Invest, Baden-Wuerttemberg International, ElringKlinger, Coroplast, BrainofMaterials, e-troFit, Thomas Magnete, Kromberg and Schubert, Segula, SiaSearch. The joint stand is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA).

Diamond Partners EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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