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Center Parcs by Graiver Aviation & Tourism Ltd. Exclusive Representative in Israel 2023 Marketing Strategy

The Graiver Group is a veteran tourism company that has been in operation since 1959. Graiver specializes in family vacations and has several departments: exclusive representation of Center Parcs, self-drive canal cruises, yachts for families, ski instruction in Hebrew for families in Austria and Italy.

Sales of Center Parcs villages by Graiver to the Israeli market have increased from €300,000 in 1998 to around €8,000,000 at the end of 2022.

Israel 2023: According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2022, 9,656,000 people live in Israel; 73% Jews, 21.1% Arabs. The population growth rate is 2.2% a year. Israel is a member of the OECD, which promotes co-operation between 30 countries, mainly developed countries with a high-income economy. Israel's economy grew by 8.1% in 2021 with a 9.9% increase in private con sumption expenditure per capita. In 2022, the Israeli economy grew by 6.3% and private consumption per capita in Q2 2022 grew by 6.8%.







1.7% 1.7%

The rate of growth is one of the highest in the Western world. The local GDP in Q2 2022 compared to Q2 2021

After two years of a sharp decline in the number of Israelis traveling overseas, in 2022, there was a significant recovery, and a total of 8.4 million Israelis travelled overseas. Although this figure is significantly higher than in 2020 (1.5 million outgoing) and in 2021 (3 million outgoing), it is still 1.8% lower than in 2019, a year before the outbreak of the corona pandemic and a record year for the number of Israelis travelling overseas.

Outgoing air travel

Departures abroad of Israelis by Air1 Figure .1 תרשים יציאות לחוֿ׳׳ל של ישראלים בדרך האוויר






In thousands



















Seasonal adjustment

Original data

Israeli tourism post corona Now that all corona restrictions have been lifted and the skies have opened up completely, Israelis are very keen to go on vacations and trips and are scrambling to book vacations to various destinations in Israel and around the world. In the last nine months of 2022, Israelis preferred to fly to any destination available because of the lockdowns. We are still not sure if this year is typical or simply a blip in tourism.

Israeli tourism post corona Because of the high demand and the prices, Israelis are already booking vacations for the summer of 2023. “With the decline of the coronavirus, Israelis are returning to booking early. We are already seeing an increase in demand for the summer months of 2023.”

Israeli tourism post corona The return of the travel agent: Israeli tourism companies have been experiencing difficulties recruiting travel agents because of the significant growth in demand and the general shortage of manpower in the tourism industry. Since corona, Israelis are showing a clear preference for booking through a travel agent, and this trend will most likely continue in 2023.

Tourism for traditionalists Israel is a very diverse country and the number of traditionalists is increasing. This group is not necessarily religious, but rather traditionalist, embracing tradition in its day-to-day life. It is an attractive market with huge consumer potential. Graiver has identified this demographic as suitable and having the means for vacationing at Center Parcs.

Benefits and values that the Israeli tourist is looking for when choosing a family vacation Functional Significant savings in expenses and more value for money: affordable overseas attractions Reduced costs A significantly high quality of product, both objectively and cost-wise. Quality A wide variety of villages and options to choose from according to preferences Variety Emotional A wide variety of attractions, numerous activities in the villages and outside them Fun & Entertainment An overseas destination for Israelis to get a break from daily stress, to relax, and have fun Reduction of stress

How do Israelis buy their vacations?

Dynamic packages through tour operators and travel agents


All-inclusive packages online


Graiver, Market Research. The data is correct for 2022.

A change in how Israelis spend their time in resort villages We are seeing a change in the way Israelis vacation. More and more Israelis prefer to stay in the village and enjoy the amenities and attractions that the village provides. We encourage this trend.

A new market: Vacationing outside usual holiday periods

Since corona, we are seeing a change in when Israelis vacation. Israeli families are now going on vacation not only during usual holiday times or during school holidays. Graiver plans to expand the market and will launch a campaign to market Center Parcs 365 days a year.

Our competitors In the last few years and especially since corona, we have seen an increase in demand by Israelis for vacations in Airbnb, holiday villages, and B&Bs. In light of this, tour operators in Israel and around the world are investing more and more in these products, as are our competitors for holiday village and apartment brands, for example, in Holland: Landal, EuroParcs (Droomparken), Roompot. This is why Graiver is increasing exposure of the brand on social media and investing heavily in marketing the product.

Summary of activities for 2023 Always on: Managing massive digital campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, both organic and sponsored. Organic and sponsored promotion of the Israeli Center Parcs website. Monitoring chatter on social networks and providing proper responses to questions and discussions about Center Parcs.

B.D. Graiver, your exclusive representative in Israel

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Goals and objectives for 2023

Goals and objectives for 2023 Graiver plans to increase sales to the Israeli market by 10-12% more than in 2022. To achieve this target, the advertising campaign budget will be approximately €500,000, including introduction of the new branding. Marketing channels: • Travel agents - a targeted campaign for travel agents, including seminars and workshops for reservation centers of travel companies • The Graiver team, incentive tours for travel agents

• Sponsored and organic ads on Google. • Sponsored and organic ads on Facebook. • Sponsored and organic ads on Instagram. • Taboola articles. • TikTok

A LinkedIn campaign for HR managers (for holding conferences, incentive trips, company retreats in Center Parcs villages). We would be happy to get reference materials from you. Focused Facebook and WhatsApp groups, benefits for group managers, and Graiver's responses in group discussions. Bloggers, paid advertising on blogs and websites, incentives for bloggers and journalists. Consumer clubs of large organizations, such as Microsoft, Hever (permanent and retired military and security personnel), Hot. The Teachers Organization, Lifestyle, HitechZone (hi-tech consumer club in Israel) for holding seminars and as benefits.

Graiver has committed to thousands of airline seats on several airlines to the following destinations: Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Frankfurt, and in transit destinations. This commitment makes it possible to also increase bookings for thousands of family vacationers to Center Parcs villages and ensures that they get reasonable rates. In 2023, we will launch the new Center Parcs website and replace the back-office software to improve automation.

Example of the new website

Example of the new website

New back office with CP API New back office with an automatic platform that will enable us to integrate Center Parcs with many online Israeli tour operator platforms, including for flights.

Thank you

The Graiver Group is a veteran tourism company that has been in operation since 1959. Graver specializes in family vacations and has several departments: exclusive representation of Center Pars, self-drive canal cruises, yachts for families, ski instruction in Hebrew for families in Austria and Italy.

החופשה שעושה משפחות מאושרות

החופשה שעושה משפחות מאושרות

Center Parcs

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ski school in Hebrew

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Canal Cruise

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