Haifa - International Film Festival

Advertising opportunities include: Ads on seats, fences, banners, billboards, and backstage areas, step and repeat banners (press walls), and more. Outside the festival halls, including Box Office Square, the Festival Garden, Mania Shohat Garden, and the Festival Promenade , provide ample branding opportunities. Additionally, branding within the festival halls – Rappaport Hall, the Auditorium Hall, and Krieger Hall – offers further exposure to attendees.

Advertising opportunities include: Inclusion in the printed festival program. Representation in festival advertisements in national and local press. Advertising on the back of the festival tickets. Displaying business rollups in the central complex or at hall entrances. Featuring in festival announcements on billboards throughout the city. Advertising on the festival shuttle, which traverses the Carmel route twice every half hour.


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