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GROW STRONG HaifaStim™ Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Crops

HaifaStim ™

Nutritional supplements for healthy crops

HaifaStim™ is a novel range of biostimulants, carefully formulated to reinforce the plant and to improve its growth environment, in order to support optimal growth, to boost yields and tomaximize quality. HaifaStim™ improves the entire growth system, resulting in superior plant development, better soil structure and higher yields, along with reduced environmental impact.

Optimal plant development

Better Yield

Improved soil fertility

Enhanced sustainability

Top 5 reasons to use HaifaStim™

• Support high yielding crops: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to produce the metabolites and enzymes required to produce maximum yield. • Counteract stresses: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to recover its metabolism, and reactivate biochemical processes and enzyme synthesize necessary for growth. • Maintain all crops in optimal condition: HaifaStim™ products nourish the plant with physio-nutritional compounds that help to carry on its productive cycle and to avoid stresses. • As carriers for herbicides and fungicides: HaifaStim™ products facilitate the activity of the agrochemicals and accelerate their transfer in the plant. • Boost uptake of soluble fertilizers: HaifaStim™ products improve root activity, so their co-application with soluble fertilizers results in better nutrient use efficiency.

PLANT 360° Haifa's Plant Nutrition 360 o approach is a holistic method that aims to take care of all crop growth needs, using diverse fertilizers and application methods for maximum efficiency of nutrient use. Having a great synergy with plant nutrition, HaifaStim™ products physio-nutritional compounds improve the well-being and the performance of the plant. HaifaStim™ products areall derived fromorganicmaterials.Theyenrichmineral nutrition with the special features of organic processes, thus facilitating uptake and assimilation of nutrients, bending transport of ions and molecules inside the plant, providing systemic reaction and enhancingmany other processes in the plant. The cherry on the cake HaifaStim™products don't replace adequate supply of plant nutrients from mineral fertilizers. Only fertilizers can provide the nutrition that intensive crop production requires. But HaifaStim™ products are the cherry on the cake, making a real difference: they allow the crop to reach its growth potential. The combination of Haifa's plant nutrients andHaifaStim™ creates fully integrated plant nutrition that meets the constantly rising needs of modern agriculture.

When things get tough Adverse weather conditions, low quality of irrigation water and degraded soil can impose stress on the plant. As even short periods of stress can affect the entire growth cycle and harm the yield, it is advisable to give the plant the ability to handle stress situations. Improving the entire growth system, HaifaStim™ products increase the capability of plants to handle stress situations and help curing physiological disorders. Today, extreme weather conditions becomemore frequent andwhile growers are forced to usemarginal lands and low-qualitywater, theextra force that theHaifaStim™ grants the crop becomes vital. Make a whole The Plant 360 o is now complete: with Haifa's premium plant nutrients plus HaifaStim™ biostimulants your crops are nourished and empowered to growstronger and healthier and to produce higher yieldwith better quality.

The HaifaStim™ range

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HaifaStim™ HumiK

Encourages root activity

HaifaStim™HumiK contains a combination of organicmolecules that have specific physio-nutritional functions. It stimulates root activity, encourages cell division and growth, and inhibits processes of tissue senescence. [5.7kg (5L) and 22.8kg (20L) drums]


• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays


Throughout the growth cycle

More about HaifaStim™ HumiK

HaifaStim™ Booster

Boosts growth processes and relieves stresses

HaifaStim™ Booster provides the growing plant with amino acids, magnesium, boron, iron and other micronutrients, carefully formulated to boost metabolism. [3kg and 10kg bags]

• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays How

At phases of intensive vegetative growth and leaf expansion When

More about HaifaStim™ Booster

HaifaStim™ Vigor

Improves nutrient uptake and use efficiency

HaifaStim™Vigor enhances the activity of micro-organisms in the soil, thus supporting the process of nutrients absorption. The peptides in HaifaStim™ Vigor react with nutrient cations, protecting them from fixation and keeping them available for plant uptake. HaifaStim™ Vigor features high content of free amino acids (15%). [30kg (25L) drums]


• Nutrigation™

• When a rapid vegetative growth is desired • When aiming to get high yield • In situations of abiotic stress, especially in greenhouses When

More about HaifaStim™ Vigor

HaifaStim™ Force

Saves metabolic energy; Super-fast assimilation

HaifaStim™Force is a physio-nutritional supplement, containing ideal combination bioactivating ingredients that act to improve the entire functioning of all plant systems. [1.12kg (1L) bottles, 5.6kg (5L) and 22.4kg (20L) drums]

• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays How

• At the phases of establishment, budding, flowering and fruit growth • Whenever stress conditions develop When

More about HaifaStim™ Force

HaifaStim™ Vital

Helps to obtain maximum yield and best quality

HaifaStim™Vital containswealth of physiologically active components and nutrients that act on the plant's systems and improve their performance. [1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 20kg plastic buckets]

• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays How

Throughout the growth cycle When

More about HaifaStim™ Vital

Strengthens the plant throughout its growth cycle HaifaStim™ eNergy HaifaStim™ eNergy contains high concentrations of free amino acids and peptides – biochemically active organic compounds that accelerate physiological processes in the plant and boosts growth. [1.25kg (1L) bottles, 6.25 (5L) drums]

• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays How

Throughout the growth cycle When


HaifaStim™ VIM

Supports water retention and drought tolerance

HaifaStim™VIMis a richsourceof humicand fulvicacids. It encourages rooting and improves soil fertility and uptake of nutrients. [1.12kg (1L) bottles, 5.6kg (5L) drums]

• Nutrigation™ • Foliar sprays How

Throughout the growth cycle When

More about HaifaStim™ VIM

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