Haruv USA – International Training Institute for Professionals in the Field of Child Maltreatment

Haruv USA Training Activities Include:

Tailor-Made Programs with Partnering Agencies Haruv USA provides lectures and trainings about child abuse and neglect to a wide variety of agencies working with children and their families. These are created in partnership with the organization or service, giving staff customized training in best-practice interventions. Workshops and Courses for General Professional Audiences Haruv USA provides evidence-informed programs that are open to general professional audiences on various topics related to working with or treating abused and neglected children and their families. Haruv USA offers one-time lectures, lecture series, and/or long-term courses for participants, both in-person and virtually. Academic Activities Haruv USA believes that education on child abuse and neglect begins with students. Accordingly, it offers various training programs to students of all disciplines in a variety of academic institutions throughout Oklahoma. These programs include full training days or workshops, practice via simulations, one-time lectures, or semester long courses—ranging from basic to advanced—which are integrated into the academic curriculum.

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