The Haruv Institute, established by Schusterman Foundation Israel, is the leading organization in Israel, and among the leaders in the world, for training and engaging in research to help maltreated children and their families.


The Haruv Institute specializes in training professionals and others who interact with children in their work to prevent, detect, identify, and treat child victims of abuse, neglect, and trauma. Its programs are aimed at professionals in healthcare and education, law and justice, welfare, and more. In addition, the Institute offers training for volunteers and youth who work with children. The Institute develops training programs, and imports and adapts evidence-based interventions and therapy methods from around the world. In addition, it acts in the field of child abuse prevention by campaigning to promote values and approaches that facilitate safety for children. It supports social and technological projects with these values at the core of its training agenda.


Sta in out-of-home placement

Healthcare professionals



Social workers




Religious leaders

Education professionals

Law and justice professionals


The Haruv Children’s Campus The Haruv Children's Campus is a unique and innovative initiative, bringing together various services for maltreated children. Its goal is to advance inter-agency cooperation and create synergy that will enhance the treatment provided to these children. The Haruv Institute manages the training programs for Campus agencies, and acts to increase inter-organizational collaboration. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Mental Health Clinic The Anne and Henry Zarrow Mental Health Clinic promotes the development of knowledge and training among healthcare professionals, emphasizing the sub-specializations required in the treatment of maltreated children: occupational therapy, child psychiatry and neurology, speech therapy, and nutrition. The clinic has a branch at The School of Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Rehovot. Haruv online Haruv Online is a program that offers lectures or lecture series for both professionals and the general public. They provide distance learning via Zoom, podcasts, and other platforms, thereby reaching a wide audience in both Israel and abroad. Contribution to academic knowledge in Israel and around the world • International activity - collaborations to strengthen mutual learning between countries through joint research and mutual visits. • Academic courses - The Haruv Institute provides academic courses in collaboration with various universities and colleges and brings knowledge to undergraduate and graduate students from different fields. • The Haruv International Postdoctoral Program awards Israeli researchers scholarships to continue their education at leading universities around the world. It aims to bring these researchers back to Israel so they will fill positions at Israeli academic institutions, thereby teaching the next generation of professionals about maltreated children. Haruv U.S.A The Institute has a satellite branch at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Like Haruv Israel, Haruv USA also provides workshops and courses for professional audiences and academic activities in the field of child maltreatment. It focuses on comprehensive, inter-professional education and training for students and professionals who touch children's lives from various settings.

For more information, see the Haruv USA website and Facebook. The Haruv Institute sees supporting the community of professionals as paramount and strives to strengthen it and create real change for

children suffering from maltreatment and trauma. For more information, and to join the newsletter, visit:

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