Tel-Hai Magazine - Fall 2020

From Analog to Digital's Innovative Social Engagement Students Rising to the Challenge


he corona epidemic has been a challenging time – but it will, eventually, pass. The benefits to the lives of senior citizens from the innovative solutions developed by Tel-Hai students for the challenges of the times will, however, endure, long after the pandemic is contained. From Analog to Digital, a program launched by Tel-Hai students Danielle Iphlan and Dor Oren, improves senior citizens’ quality of life by making technology more accessible, while building multigenerational connections. The project brings together Tel-Hai students and participants from the Beit Vatikei Ha-Galil Senior Center. After attending a unique training program, students help seniors navigate technology and reap the benefits of the digital world. Rivka’s children and grandchildren live in the center of the country. Her son bought her a tablet, but she didn’t really know what to do with it. Rivka learned how to use Zoom, download games and access Pinterest. Now she can see her grandchildren any time she wants. “Thank you for helping me. It simply changed my life.” “Thank you for helping me. It simply changed my life.” David, a former musician, missed his years as a performer. Through the project, David became familiar with YouTube where he can listen to his favorite music, hear new songs and experience a different world. “I never imagined that YouTube could be a balm for loneliness.” To help seniors during the pandemic, the project worked with Beit Vatikei HaGalil to design a Zoom learning program. The students and 60 new volunteers connected more than 300 seniors to Zoom, providing explanations and troubleshooting problems in real time. The project has connected more than 500 households to Zoom and mapped the needs of more than 1500 households in the Galilee region. This year, the project will operate with the support of the Fritz Naphtali Foundation. Magazine, Fall 2020

Dor Oren, Danielle Iphlan

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