Tel-Hai Magazine - Fall 2020

As Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, noted,

"There is already an exceptional research institute, the MIGAL Institute, and Tel-Hai College, which has all the elements and capabilities of a university. No other place in the country has all these conditions. [A university] will push forward the development of education and culture in the region. This is a national mission of the first order."

Prof.Aaron Ciechanover

The online panel presentations attracted thousands of viewers from throughout the region. The culmination of the conference will take place at the “Galilee Panhandle Conference Day” at the Knesset. This key event will include live broadcasts from Knesset committees and video interviews with government leaders committed to addressing the challenges, issues and proposals raised by the Conference. The Conference steering committee is working on a document that will guide the next steps for national government entities and local government. Residents of the Galilee Panhandle are taking an active role in crafting and presenting the document through a consultation website that is open to the broader community during all the stages of the Conference. Through engaging residents, academics and regional and national leaders, the Galilee Panhandle Conference in memory of Elad Erlich continues to be a force for positive change and growth in the entire region.

The Galilee Panhandle Conference honors the memory of Elad Erlich, the Director of the External Studies Unit at Tel-Hai College and one of the founders of the “Shinui Kivun” movement. Born and raised in Kiryat Shmona, Elad tragically lost his life in a car accident at the Gomeh Junction in 2013, on his way to perform reserve duty in his combat unit. In 2015, the Erlich family established the Galilee Panhandle Conference to honor Elad’s legacy of service to his country, Tel-Hai College and the Galilee community he loved.

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