FILA קטלוג מוצרים 2020-2021


The FSC  ® logo guarantees that the wood used for our pastels comes from well-managed forests FSC  ® certified products available on request. Only products that are identified as such within this document are FSC ® certified.

Symbol of conformity with EN 71 regulations provided for items included in toys category according to Directives 2009/48/CE.

Symbol of unsuitability for children under 36 months.

Conforms to the safety requirements in accordance with the American standards for “Art & Craft Materials”.

The PEFC™ logo guarantees that the wood used for our pastels comes from forests managed in well and sustainable manner.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Contains no toxic materials that may cause health risk to consumers.

English regulation: Ventilated caps for writing and drawing instruments suitable for children under 14.

Where already compatible with FILA Group products, bio-plastics from vegetable sources are used contributing to the reduction of CO² emissions. CO² is one of the main greenhouse gases. The renewed component or bio-based content of products made with bio-plastics is scientifically proven and can be determined by measuring the percentage of the 14C isotope which is absent from oil and its derivatives. The reference standard for this determination is the ASTM 6866 “Standard test methods for determining the bio-based content of solid, liquid and gaseous samples using radiocarbon analysis”. A choice consistent with the green approach adopted by the company.

BS 7272:2008

Symbol that identifies the use of recycled and recyclable paper / cardboard.

Graphic symbol that identifies the use of recycled PET.

IMPORTANT NOTICE For Data Processing reasons, besides the item description, there is also a code number, subdivided in reference and variant. • The reference portion identifies the item, the variant indicates the gradation, colour and packaging type. • In order to process orders properly, please indicate, in case of direct orders, the complete code numbers of the items requested. • The minimum order quantity is indicated in column “min”. • The quantity of items included in the standard shipment cartons is also indicated. In order to get prompt deliveries, we recommend ordering only multiples of the standard cartons.


LEGEND SYMBOLS a b1c p d1 e1 m n o h i j1 ברקוד יחידת מק״ט מוצר כמות מינימום תיאור מוצר להזמנה ברקוד קופסא ברקוד יחידת מכירה כמות במארז משקל קרטון מידות קרטון בק”ג ברקוד קרטון קופסא יחידת מכירה קרטון

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