Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Training Program for Social Workers of the Jewish Agency October-December 2018 In collaboration with: The Jewish Agency Goal: To impart knowledge and tools for detecting and identifying maltreated children, and provide treatment. Target Population: Social workers of the Jewish Agency’s absorption centers throughout Israel.

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Ramat Gan

Budget : NIS 75,000

Training Program for Home Visitors of the “Pe’imot” Program January – June 2018 In collaboration with: “Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future] Goal: To assist home visitors who work with parents on their relationship with their young children, to help prevent neglect and abuse. Target Population: Home visitors.

Number of Sessions: 4

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Yokneam and Kiryat Gat

Budget : NIS 2,500

Seminar for Trustees of “Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future], on: ‘Play or Abuse?: Children’s Sexual Behavior’ January – April 2018 In collaboration with: “Potkhim Atid” [Opening the Future] Goal: To provide tools to understand the spectrum of children’s sexual behavior: What lies between the appropriate and the harmful; safe, open communication with children; practical experience via simulation. Target Population: Employees of the “Potkhim Atid” program.

Number of Sessions: One-day seminar for each region, 6 sessions in total

Number of Participants: About 70 at each one-day seminar, a total of 420 participants

Location: Tiberias, Dimona, Beit-Shean, Tel-Aviv, Kiryat Gat, Akko

Budget : NIS 60,000


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