Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Training Program for Foster Care Social Workers on Principles of Intervention Using a 'Trauma Lens' October – December 2018 (Third year) In collaboration with: The “Shachar” Organization – foster care services Goal: To provide the foster care social workers with the intervention principles using a “trauma lens” vis-à-vis foster parents and children removed from their homes. This year the training focused on summarizing the contents of the previous two years’ training, with emphasis on implementation of the foster care social worker's work. Target Population: Foster care social workers.

Number of Sessions: 3

Number of Participants: 70

Location: Tel Aviv

Budget : NIS 40,000

Training Program for the Staff of the Transitional Homes, Re’im and Beit Sherman: Intervention Tools with Young Children Who Experienced Trauma October – December 2018 In collaboration with: “A Home for Every Child” Organization (NGO) Goal: To provide intervention tools for the therapists and counselors in the transitional homes, Beit Sherman and Re’im, by familiarizing them with the world of content of childhood trauma, its impact on children, and intervention methods with young children who experienced traumatic events in the family. Target Population: The staff of therapists and counselors.

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 30

Location: Jerusalem

Budget : NIS 20,000


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