Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Training Seminar for the Oranim College “Meshi” Program for Preschool Caregivers November – December 2018 In collaboration with: Oranim College Goal: The “Meshi” program trains caregivers of toddlers. Within the framework of this program, the Haruv Institute presented central issues related to maltreated children, which included recognizing signs for detecting and identifying abused children, the consequences of abuse on the development of young children, the effect of trauma during the first years of life and the role of the caregiver in the care centers in coping with this phenomenon. Target Population: Caregivers of toddlers.

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 70

Location: Oranim College

Budget : NIS 5,000

SafeCare Training Program – February 2018 In collaboration with: The municipalities of Ashdod and Holon

Goal: To train staff in the SafeCare program, designed for clients of the Welfare Bureau. The aim of the program is to prevent situations of maltreatment and violence towards children and

thus decrease/prevent repeated reporting to the welfare services. Target Population: Social workers and professional support personnel.

Number of Sessions: 5

Number of Participants: 15

Location: Holon and Ashdod (alternately)

Budget : NIS 10,000


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