Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018

We are happy to present you with our annual report of the Haruv Institute’s activities for the year 2018.

The Haruv Institute is the leading body in Israel, and among the leading institutes in the world, for training in the field of maltreated children. The Institute is dedicated to training professionals, para-professionals and researchers, and guiding parents and children, addressing every aspect of the detection, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of the maltreatment of children - alongside the renewal and gradual agglomeration of cutting-edge professional knowledge and its dissemination in Israel and throughout the world. Nearly 10,000 professionals were actively involved in the annual and periodic programs sponsored by the Haruv Institute in 2018 in Israel and abroad - events, seminars, conventions and workshops – in one-day activities and in training programs and study programs held for two days or longer. Tens of thousands of people were exposed to the contents presented in these venues, transmitted by trained personnel, via written and electronic-based information disseminated by the Institute at conventions and training sessions, or via the media, internet and social media networks. This report reviews our activities, which we hope you will find interesting. Inter alia, you will find information on the wide spectrum of activities that the Haruv Institute has initiated, developed, conducted and taken part in. Next to each activity appears its estimated budget.

We will be pleased to receive your feedback and ideas, which could help improve and promote our activities, for the benefit and welfare of children-at-risk.


Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh Executive Director, Haruv Institute

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