Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Training Social Workers at the Hillel Yaffe and Schneider Hospitals January – March, June 2018 In collaboration with: Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Hadera and Schneider Hospital, Petakh Tikva Goal: To increase the hospital welfare personnel’s awareness of and knowledge of the issue of child abuse and neglect. Target Population: Social workers.

Number of Sessions: 10 sessions at Schneider Hospital, 8 sessions at Hillel Yaffe

Number of Participants: 45

Location: Hadera and Petakh Tikva

Budget : NIS 15,000

One-Day Seminar for the Medical Personnel at Yoseftal Hospital and the HMOs in Eilat, on the Ramifications of Child Abuse and Neglect February 26, 2018 In collaboration with: Yoseftal Hospital Goal: To expand the knowledge of the hospital’s welfare staff regarding child maltreatment. Target Population: The medical personnel of Yoseftal Hospital and the HMO's in Eilat.

Number of Participants: 35

Location: Eilat

Budget : NIS 7,000

Seminars for the Personnel of the Children’s Unit at Rambam Hospital February – April, June 2018 In collaboration with: Rambam Hospital Goal: To expand the knowledge regarding maltreatment of children – for the staff of doctors, nurses and social workers in the hospital’s children’s unit. Target Population: Doctors, nurses and social workers at the children’s unit.

Number of Sessions: 4 one-day cycles

Number of Participants: 80

Location: Haifa

Budget : NIS 17,000


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