Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Different Methods for Working with Parents March – June 2018

In collaboration with: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Organization for Promoting Education (NGO) Goal: To impart to the staff information and work principles of different methods for working with parents. Target Population: The NGO’s therapeutic staff – social workers, psychologists, therapists.

Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Participants: 30

Location: Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Budget : NIS 20,000

Therapeutic Intervention with Adolescents and Families in States of Crisis and Trauma – Extension Program January – June 2018 In collaboration with: Ha’Ogen Youth Village Goal: Last year the leading staff members of the community-based Ha’Ogen Youth Village had a training program that added the “trauma lens” to the process of treating adolescents and their families. The program provided them with tools for evaluation and processing, when meeting with the families and children who had experienced traumatic events. The aim of the extension program was to deepen the study of the intervention principles of the “trauma lens” and practice the tools acquired. Special emphasis was placed on talking about trauma with children, their parents and both together. Target Population: Social workers, directors and coordinators of the various frameworks at Ha’Ogen.

Number of Sessions: 8

Number of Participants: 35

Location: Be’er Sheva

Budget : NIS 10,000


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