Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


A Study Program on Selected Issues in Working with Children At-Risk January – December 2018 In collaboration with: “Big Brother, Big Sister – Israel” (NGO) Goal: To impart information to the staff of directors and coordinators of the NGO and provide a wide professional perspective on the work with children-at-risk, as well as to help them

better train the volunteer staff that is in contact with the children. Target Population: The coordinators and directors of the NGO.

Number of Sessions: 4

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Tel Aviv

Budget : NIS 11,000

Learning Sessions for Volunteers: The Encounter between the Big Brother/ Sister and the Child March – May 2018 In collaboration with: “Big Brother, Big Sister – Israel” (NGO) Goal: To provide a peek into the child’s inner and emotional world, to learn to cope with the challenges that the encounter between a Big Brother and a child present, and become familiar with the tools that reinforce the ties and trust with the child. Target Population: Volunteers in the “Big Brother, Big Sister – Israel” (NGO).

Number of Sessions: 1 session in each sector, a total of 4

Number of Participants: 80

Location: Throughout Israel

Budget : NIS 10,000

Integrating the Principles of Treating Childhood Trauma with the Work of the Emergency Center, Be’er Sheva In collaboration with: ‘A Home for Every Child’ Organization Goal: To provide tools of the “trauma lens” in working with children who have experienced trauma in their childhood. Target Population: The staff of the Emergency center, Be’er Sheva.

Number of Sessions: 6

Number of Participants: 35

Location: Be’er Sheva

Budget : NIS 15,000


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