Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Conference for Rabbis and Educators: “Therefore Shall Thy Camp be Holy” August 23, 2018 In collaboration with: The Israeli Association of Family Advisors and Therapists Goal: To discuss the meaning of abuse and its ramifications, and the coping of the Orthodox/ ultra-Orthodox society with abuse within and outside the family. Target Population: Rabbis.

Number of Participants: 150

Location: Jerusalem

Budget: NIS 5,000

One-Day Seminar for Bussing Escorts: “Can you hear me?” Constructive Communication between the Escort and the Student September 4, 2018 In collaboration with: ‘Tsohar’ School, Kfar Hassidim Goal: To put the spotlight on the protection of children while being bussed. Bussing escorts are professionals who meet the children daily during challenging bussing conditions. Therefore it is important to help define the role of the bussing escorts and provide them with the tools to detect and identify risks in the sexual-social domain and ways of initial intervention. Target Population: Bussing escorts.

Number of Participants: 60

Location: ‘Tsohar’ School, Kfar Hassidim

Budget: NIS 5,000

Conference for “A Home for Every Child” Organization (NGO): Connections in Therapeutic Work October 11, 2018 In collaboration with: “A Home for Every Child” Organization (NGO) Goal: To express recognition and gratitude to all the staffs of all the NGO frameworks for their work, and present contents relevant to their day-to-day work, on the subject of the connections in the world of therapy. Target Population: The staff of the various frameworks of the “A Home for Every Child” NGO.

Number of Participants: 160

Location: Hafetz Haim

Budget: NIS 32,000


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