Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018

The Haruv Institute, established by the Schusterman Foundation Israel, is the leading body in Israel for training and research in the field of maltreated children. The goal of the Institute is to create a professional and public community, characterized by a broad general education and suitable skills and training, to advance the well-being and welfare of maltreated children. This is achieved through training professionals, para-professionals and researchers, guiding parents and children, and addressing every aspect of the detection, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of the maltreatment of children. The uniqueness of the Institute lies in its multi-disciplinary and comprehensive activities, which help promote our goal from every aspect – the medical, legal, psychological, educational and social. The Haruv Institute’s impact upon the field of treating child victims of abuse and neglect is extensive and since its inception it has trained tens of thousands of professionals who now work in the many frameworks for the welfare of the children of Israel. The Institute works along the following channels: · Renewing and building up cutting-edge professional knowledge and its dissemination in Israel and throughout the world. Developing innovative study programs implemented to train field workers coming from a variety of professions. · A variety of training programs – Study programs, courses, one-day sessions, seminars and conventions for different target populations. The training programs are customized to suit professional, geographic and cultural considerations and needs of the different study groups. The Haruv training network encompasses a wide variety of renowned experts from Israel and abroad, and others. · Multiculturalism – The Haruv Institute focuses on modifying its activities to suit varying target groups and cultivating professionals from both the central and the peripheral geographic and social regions of Israel. · Producing and disseminating information and professional publications on the abuse and neglect of children –Makingaccessible up-to-date current knowledge, gathered from the academia and the field, through its newsletter, Nekudat Mifgash (Meeting Point), to create a common language and increase the collaboration and coordination between all the relevant professional bodies; activating a Facebook page to enable a professional dialogue between professionals and direct reporting from the field. Additionally, the Institute’s website offers a database which includes data files, lectures on video and information for parents and professionals about maltreatment in its various forms, and how to cope with it. · Training young researchers – The Institute has a scholarship program for post-doctoral studies abroad. The program’s graduates join the Haruv staff, become faculty members at universities and colleges and serve as agents of change, expanding the circle of researchers in Israel in the field of child abuse and neglect. Additionally, the Institute hosts workshops for Ph.D. students from all over the world and helps conduct international university courses for students of advanced studies. · Exchanging professional knowledge between Israel and other countries – In 2015, the Haruv Institute established a branch in the United States, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to develop its activities and play a leading international role in the field. Haruv-U.S.A. works as a branch of


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