Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Media-Based Public Awareness Campaign: “1 Out of 5” Throughout the year I n Partnership with: The National Council for the Child

Goal: To influence public opinion, to raise public awareness of the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect and the means of its prevention, and bring the issue into the public spotlight in Israel. The campaign emphasizes the importance of mandatory reporting, accompanied by the slogan, “Your call can change their life”. Target Population: The general Israeli public, with a focus on parents, professionals and policy-makers. Number of Sessions: For an entire year, two waves of a sponsored promotional cam- paign for the general public and one wave of a campaign targeted at the Arab sector

Location: The social media networks and articles in the traditional media

Budget: NIS 300,000

Changing and Planning a Political Agenda Throughout the year I n Partnership with: The National Council for the Child

Goal: Using tools of legislation, public advocacy and social change, and monitoring government policy, as a means of bringing the phenomenon of child maltreatment to top governmental priority and as a means of decreasing its occurrence. These activities continue throughout the entire year. Target Population: Policy-makers (Knesset members, the government).

Location: Jerusalem

Budget: NIS 380,000

Developing a National Index - Measuring and Monitoring the Phenomenon of Child Maltreatment Throughout the year I n Partnership with: The Myers – JDC-Brookdale Institute Goal: To provide comprehensive and reliable information on the scope of the phenomenon of maltreated children in Israel, and enable follow-up of changes for the long-term from the local, and even international, perspective, in the aim to help plan policy, allocate resources and initiate programs in the field. In the course of the year, a questionnaire was developed for self-reporting by children and adolescents. The initial monitoring will be carried out by the Geocartography Institute, and its results will be published in early 2019.

Target Population: Policy-makers and the general public. Duration: Throughout the year, publishing data once a year.

Location: Throughout the country

Budget: NIS 70,000


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