Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Post-Doctorate Scholarships The three recipients of the seventh season of the Post-Doctorate Scholarships program are: Dr. Anat Talmon (Stanford University, USA), Dr. Neveen Ali-Saleh Darawshy (University of Minnesota, USA) and Dr. Tomer Carmel (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA). They were chosen following a rigorous selection process by an academic committee whose members included Asher Ben-Arieh, Prof. Anat Zeira, Prof. Badi Hasisi, Prof. Ariel Knafo and Prof. Adina Meir. In November 2018 a study session was held in New York with the four scholarship recipients. During this session, the recipients gave lectures on their doctoral topics and toured the New York Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Delegates from the Haruv Institute who took part in the tour were Prof. Ben-Arieh and Prof. Zeira. TheHaruv Institutemaintains constant ties with the program’s graduates in theHaruv Colleagues framework, and supports their research projects in various ways. Children's Worlds The Children's Worlds research is an international project that seeks to study different aspects of the lives of children from their subjective viewpoint. In 2018 it was decided to try and also learn about the way in which the general child population perceives the phenomenon of abuse and neglect. The goal of the current research is to examine the issue of child abuse by focusing on the perspective of the general child population, along with an attempt to learn how children perceive the behavior of the responsible adults when they observe their harmful and abusive behavior. This research aims for the first time to present the general child population’s perspective on the phenomenon of abuse. Towards that purpose, data was gathered via structured questionnaires from Jewish and Arab children ages 10 and 12 who study at elementary schools in Israel under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. 2,000 children took part in this research project. Research on SafeCare SafeCare is an American program, EBP, (an evidence-based program), developed to prevent the neglect, abuse and violence against children (ages 0-5), and decrease the occurrence of repeated reporting of families to the welfare agencies. This is a structured program accompanied by a detailed protocol that consists of 18 weekly sessions in the family’s home. The Haruv Institute helped implement the program in the Welfare Department of the Ashdod Municipality and is escorting its application with accompanying research. In 2018, data on about fifty families who took part in the program was gathered. Budget: NIS 500,000 Budget: NIS 100,000

Budget: NIS 15,000


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