Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


One-Day Training Seminar for Welfare Workers Working with Native American Tribes February 27, 2018 Goal: To enable the welfare workers to experience simulations of common work situations with the Native American population, with emphasis on situations of domestic violence, poverty and neglect. Target Population: Welfare workers at various Native American reservations (Tahlequah, Muskogee).

Number of Participants: 40

Location: University of Oklahoma

Budget : $ 3,000

One-Day Training and Simulation for Students of Social Work, Nursing and Medicine March 2, 2018 In collaboration with: The School of Social Work and School of Medicine, University of Oklahoma Goal: To provide tools for an inter-disciplinary team in the field of the maltreatment of minors. Lectures were delivered on a variety of subjects: mandatory reporting, working with closed communities, identifying signs of abuse in children, long-term ramifications of abuse, how to talk with parents and children. Target Population: Students of Social Work, Nursing and Medicine.

Number of Participants: 75

Location: University of Oklahoma

Budget : $ 500

Lecture for Teachers at the Meizel Elementary School March 26, 2018 Goal: To provide tools for detecting and identifying signs of distress in children, with emphasis on skills in conversing with an abused child. Target Population: Teachers of the elementary school.

Number of Participants: 8

Location: Meizel Elementary School Meeting Room

Budget : $ 200


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