Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Simulations for Camp Counselors: Summer Camp for Maltreated Children May 24-25, 2018 Goal: To provide treatment tools and deepen the understanding of how children and adolescents cope with neglect, aggression, sexual abuse, suicidal behavior, etc. Target Population: Junior counselors at Camp Hop.

Number of Participants: 40

Location: Oklahoma University

Budget : $ 500

Simulations for Camp Counselors in Norman May 30, 2018

Goal: To provide young counselors with basic tools to help detect and identify children and adolescents suffering from neglect, sexual abuse and suicidal behavior, along with tools to help cope with these manifestations. Target Population: Counselors at summer camps for children and youth that come from a background of families in distress, neglect and foster care.

Number of Participants: 15

Location: Oklahoma University, Norman

Budget : $ 500

Simulation Programs for Students of Medicine October 2017 – May 2018 Goal: To provide future doctors with tools for detecting and identifying maltreated children

through a variety of scenarios and simulations. Target Population: 5th year medical students.

Number of Sessions: 7

Number of Participants: 55

Location: Oklahoma University

Budget : $ 500


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