Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


Training Session of the ICW staff, November 2018

One-Day Seminar for the Foster CareDivision, OklahomaWelfareDepartment December 3, 2018 Goal: To provide information on sexual abuse among siblings, via simulations of a grandmother’s conversation with her grandson who sexually abused his sister. Target Population: Welfare workers of the Oklahoma Welfare Department, Foster Care Division.

Number of Participants: 75

Location: Offices of Foster Care Families, in Norman

Budget : $ 2,000

Lecture for Students of Social Work – December 5, 2018 Goal: to provide tools for the detection and identification of maltreated children, to teach the risk factors and impart conversational skills with child victims of abuse. Target Population: M.A. students from the Ann & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work, in Norman, Oklahoma.

Number of Participants: 30

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Budget : $ 500


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