Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Children at Natural and Man-Made Disaster Scenes: Training with Prof. Joy Osofsky October 24-25, 2019 Partners: The University of Oklahoma Goal: Train Oklahoma professionals to handle children at risk at scenes of natural and man-made disasters. Target Population: Professionals from various fields – social workers, psychologists, medical personnel, police etc

Number of Sessions:  Two-day training

Number of Participants: 50

Location: OU, Tulsa Learning Center

Budget: USD 4,900

Child Maltreatment: Explanatory Program for Pediatricians, Oklahoma District November 7, 2019 Goal: Provide pediatricians with skills to identify and detect maltreated children who come for treatment.

Number of Sessions: 1

Number of Participants: 30

Location: OU, Norman

Budget: USD 1,200

Training Seminar on Bullying, Tulsa Public Schools December 6, 2019

Partners: Parent-Child Center Goal: Impart knowledge and raise educational staff awareness to bullying, through various scenario simulations. Target Population: Tulsa public schools' educational teams

Number of Sessions: 1 day

Number of Participants: 25


Location: Simulation Center, OU - Tulsa

Budget: USD 2,200


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