Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Lectures by Shosh Turgeman for Professional Teams and Students September 17, 2019

Goal: Share knowledge from experience in Israel with social workers and professionals on sibling sexual abuse. Target Population: DVIS staff, CAN Emergency Center staff and B.A. students

Number of Sessions: Total of 3, one per group

Number of Participants: Total of 70: 50 centers staff and 20 students

Location: DVIS Center, CAN Emergency Center and the Teaching Center at OU University

Budget: USD 3,000

Lecture by Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh on the Haruv Institute and Activities in the Field of Children-at-Risk November 1, 2019 Partners: The Schusterman Foundation Goal: Impart information to Tulsa's key figures about children at risk and the activities of the Haruv Institute. Target Population: Foundation staff, Tulsa

Number of Sessions: 1

Number of Participants: 10

Location: The Summit Club, Tulsa

Budget: USD 2,000



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