Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

Since its establishment, The Haruv Institute has positioned itself as the spearhead of existing professional knowledge on the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect - detection, identification, treatment and prevention. To ensure this knowledge reaches the field professionals, the institute has chosen to invest in marketing its knowledge and accrued experience, along with implementing many varied training programs. In the past several years, special emphasis has been placed on branding all materials and publications as a strategic tool; born of recognizing the importance of making accessible the substantial professional knowledge accumulated over a decade of the institute's significant work, and the importance of making known its activities and created content. reevaluation are evident: Branding and positioning of institute activities have created prominence and familiarity with the unique design of our material. These allow target population to easily identify The Haruv Institute content; they draw attention in a vast number of publications in the field, afford a better understanding of the institute's work, and promote collaboration. Improved branding is apparent in enhanced visibility of conference invitations, seminars, training sessions and learning programs, as well as pamphlets, brochures and promotional materials distributed by the institute. The work done on branding and marketing The Haruv institute is reflected in all aspects of its enterprise. Website and Direct Mailing In 2019 The Haruv institute's website moved to a new platform, facilitating site and content management and event registration. The institute sent direct mailing once a week to its circulation list of over 10,000 professionals and all interested parties. It thus distributed important content and information on new activities, such as training programs, conferences, seminars and learning programs. ADVERTISING, BRANDING AND MARKETING THE HARUV INSTITUTE ACTIVITIES Branding and Marketing Institute Activities Over the past three years, branding and marketing have been stepped up and results of YouTube in an era of publicity intended to capture attention in people's busy daily life, use of informative videos has accelerated. The Haruv Institute has its own channel with professional lectures delivered at its conferences. The institute has increased use of professional lecture videos and other activities to raise awareness to relevant topics, and creates, edits and adds subtitles to videos via this channel. In 2019 the institute produced twelve short videos explaining a wide range of the institute activities to parents and professionals. These videos were circulated via Walla! website in the Family Guide section, and through their Facebook, the institute Facebook and The Child Abuse Prevention Initiative Facebook pages. Facebook Page Over the years, the institute Facebook page has become an important source of information about institute activities for professionals, and it serves as a platform for distribution of content and professional knowledge. It also enables instant publicity and a peek into the wide variety of The Haruv Institute programs and activities. The page has 2,000 friends and followers. SOCIAL MEDIA




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