Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

Treating Sexually Abused Children: Therapist Training in Jerusalem and Afula November 2018 – March 2019 Partners: : External Studies Unit, Continuing Education Dept., Hebrew University of Jerusalem Goal: Train therapists to treat sexually abused children and adolescents, and increase the pool of therapists in Israel. Target Population: Social workers, psychologists and expressive therapists with an MA TRAINING PROGRAMS ON TREATING SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN AND PREVENTION THERAPIST TRAINING PROGRAMS


Number of Sessions: 15 in Jerusalem and 20 in Afula

Number of Participants: Total of 60

Location: Jerusalem and Afula

Budget: ILS 230,000

"The course was very relevant to my work. I found that nearly every subject studied deserves an in-depth course of its own. From this course, I take with me the desire to continue learning the topics studied in greater depth."

Treating Child Victims of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Center Staff Training January – December 2019

Partners: Treatment Centers for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse Goal: Advanced training in treating child victims of sexual abuse Target Population: Treatment Centers' directors and therapists

Number of Sessions: Approximately 700 training hours at 14 centers throughout Israel

Number of Participants: Approximately 200

Location: Throughout Israel


Budget: ILS 360,000

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