Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

TRAINING THERAPISTS IN THE ULTRA-ORTHODOX SECTOR (see also Training in the field of Education)


Treating Sexually Abused Children: Ultra-Orthodox (female) Therapists Training September 2019 – January 2020 Goal: Train therapists in treating sexually abused children Target Population: Female therapists with an MA and three years of experience in the field of child therapy

Number of Sessions: 20

Number of Participants: 26

Location: The Haruv Children's Campus

Budget: ILS 125,000

Healthy Sexuality and Preventing Abuse: Continued Training for Graduates of Ultra-Orthodox Therapist Programs July 2019

Goal: Continue accompanying graduates and further professional development Target Population: Female graduates of Ultra-Orthodox therapist programs

Number of Sessions: 3

Number of Participants: 20

Location: The Haruv Children's Campus

Budget: ILS 10,000

"I gained insight on how to create and adapt a language for the sector, and skills in speaking with parents and with adolescents and children about protection and open dialogue on healthy sexuality. I had an excellent experience. Each lecturer presented his knowledge, experience and approach, which enriched and diversified the learning process. I feel this training program strengthened my sense of capability in both knowledge and practicum."


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