Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


STUDY AND TRAINING PROGRAMS | WELFARE Number of Sessions: 6 Number of Participants: 20 Location: Ramla Budget: ILS 8,700

Training Professionals, the Foundation for Developing Programs for Preschoolers and Community Work January – March, 2019 Partners: The Foundation for Developing Programs for Preschoolers and Community Work Goal: Study the phenomenon of childhood trauma and its manifestations, and learn the principles of trauma intervention and their application in the foundation's various programs. Emphasis was placed on the importance of talking with children about the difficult events they experienced. Target Population: Social workers, kindergarten teachers and paraprofessional teams

Psycho-Educational Services, Kfar Saba October 2019 – April 2020

Partners: Psychological-Educational Services, Kfar Saba Goal: Focus on the trauma lens in educational psychologists' work, including principles of evaluation and discussion of traumatic events with children and their parents. Target Population: Educational psychologists in Psycho-Educational Services in Kfar Saba

Number of Sessions: 12

Number of Participants: 50

Location: Psycho-Educational Service, Kfar Saba

Budget: ILS 33,000



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