Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

STUDY AND TRAINING PROGRAMS | HEALTH CARE Location: Wolfson Hospital, Holon Budget: ILS 6,500

Two Training Programs for Nurses at Mother and Child Care Centers, Public Health Completion Course January 2019 Partners: Wolfson Hospital, Jerusalem Region Health Bureau, Asaf Harofeh Hospital Nursing School Goal: Raise awareness and provide skills to detect, treat, and report maltreated children who reach the hospital. Target Population: Nurses at mother and baby care centers in a public health completion course

Number of Sessions: Total of 6: 1 at Wolfson, 4 at Haifa Nursing School, 1 at Asaf Harofeh Number of Participants: 40 nurses from Wolfson Hospital and 100 nurses from Nursing School, Haifa

Study Days for Nurses at Mother and Child Care Centers, Netanya December 10 and 12, 2019

Goal: Enhance knowledge on intentional maltreatment of infants and children, focus on detecting and identifying red flags. Target Population: Nurses at Mother and Child Care centers, Netanya

Number of Sessions: 2

Number of Participants: 36

Location: Degania Mother and Child Care Center, Netanya

Budget: ILS 4,000



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