Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Collaboration between the National Council for the Child and Goshen NGO: Developing a Tool Kit for Doctors, Paramedical Staff, Professionals and Parents on Detection and Identification of Children at Risk and Mandatory Reporting. This Project has been completed. Goshen NGO was established by pediatricians to promote health, development and welfare of children in Israel, and to change the manner of service provision to children and their families. Towards this goal Goshen developed My Tool Kit: Training Kits for Professionals in the Community. Over the past two months, in close and significant cooperation with the National Council for the Child, an additional kit has been developed on mandatory reporting. It contains a general description of child maltreatment, short and long term effects, general and specific reporting guidelines and notably – an appeal not to stand by. The kit also includes a literature review and detailed presentation, and was distributed to professionals. Additionally, a magnet was made emphasizing warning signs of abuse and neglect with clear reporting guidelines, to be hung in preschool frameworks. Collaboration between the Meital Center, the Schusterman Emergency Center and Beit Lynn: Creating a therapeutic model for the sequence of professional responses for families that experience sibling sexual abuse. It is designed to provide a safe environment, and promote significant change and improvement in the family's life. The Schusterman Center, the Meital Center and Beit Lynn, all located on The Haruv Children's Campus, in collaboration with Meital Center's unit for inappropriate or harmful sexual behavior (Bayit L'kol Yeled NGO), specialize in working with children and adolescents who experience sexual abuse. Ongoing professional liaison between these bodies notes a constant increase in the number of families who turn for help in cases of sibling sexual abuse. It has become evident that treating these families requires a unique approach, very much in keeping with professional literature. In applying for their collaboration grant, the organizations committed to the following: an updated theoretical literature review; evaluation of therapeutic alternatives offered worldwide; assessment of the needs of different family members (abused child, abusing sibling, parents, siblings not directly hurt); assessment of therapists’ needs in sibling sexual abuse cases; setting guidelines for training therapists; studying the rifts both within the family and between different agents treating the family, and find ways to minimize them. Grant Total: ILS 10,600 Press Here to Watch the Kit on National Council for the Child Website

Grant Total: ILS 15,900



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