Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019




Goal: Become the leading body in devising ideas for initiatives in the field of child maltreatment prevention, and see them to fruition. The project mission is to encourage initiatives, support and accompany them. The work model is borrowed from hi-tech and technology, encouraging innovation and creative thinking in finding solutions to a variety of problems. In the past few years we have witnessed increasing business investment in initiatives and plans for addressing social issues, and even significant success in hubs encouraging social initiatives. The exceptionality of One in Five lies in it being the only project to focus on encouraging initiatives to address the issue of child maltreatment in general, with particular emphasis on prevention . Target Population: Initiators from all professions who have an idea for a project towards prevention of child maltreatment. A gala evening was held in late January 2019 to launch initiatives created by graduates of the second year social hub project , attended by investors and potential partners from business, philanthropy, government and social sectors. Five initiatives were presented that had completed the accelerated program, which included 24 weekly sessions throughout 2018. Initiators who were ready to launch their pilot received initial financial backing. Directors of the social hub project continued to accompany initiators – graduates of the first and second years, and assisted in promoting their initiatives and assigning funds towards implementing their program pilot. This year the decision was made not to open a third year of the social hub project acceleration program in its current format, and to consider re-designing the program for social initiators via collaboration with universities and technology and hi-tech companies. Number of Participants: 11 initiators led by professionals from various disciplines: social work, child and youth therapy, project management, mental health, public health, etc.

Location: Haruv Children's Campus, Jerusalem

Budget: ILS 100,000



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