Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

The Haruv Institute was established by the Schusterman Foundation twelve years ago, and is the leading body in Israel, and at the forefront internationally, for training and research in the field of maltreated children. The institute strives to create a professional and public community, characterized by a broad education and necessary skills and training to advance the well-being and welfare of maltreated children. To this end the institute trains professionals, para-professionals and researchers, as well as parents and adolescents, to detect and identify maltreated children and provide them with treatment and rehabilitation, and work towards reduction and ultimate prevention of this phenomenon. The uniqueness of the institute lies in its multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach, which promotes our goal from every aspect – medical, legal, psychological, educational and social. The Haruv Institute’s impact in the field of treating child victims of abuse and neglect is extensive. Alongside training and study programs, the institute also invests in developing methodologies and protocols for treatment of these children. Since its inception it has trained tens of thousands of professionals who now work in the many agencies for the welfare of children in Israel. To implement its goals, the Institute works along the following channels: ■ Renewing and constructing cutting-edge professional knowledge in the field of treating maltreated children, and its dissemination in Israel and throughout the world. ■ Creating a variety of training programs suited to different target groups that work with children. ■ Expanding knowledge with a multicultural approach – Professional exchange of information and knowhow between Israel and other countries, by producing and disseminating professional knowledge on maltreated children, and training young researchers. ■ International activities – Within the framework of activities in the field of international research, The Haruv Institute has joined the Kemp Center in Denver, Colorado and Springer Academic Publishing House to produce a new international academic journal. ■ Initiatives, innovation, new project development and joint collaborations in the field of child maltreatment, via work done at Haruv Children's Campus, and The Child Abuse Prevention Initiative. The Haruv Institute employs over twenty-five staff members from different professions related to each field of activity. The institute’s work is accompanied by a Board of Directors, all prominent figures in their related professional fields. For more information on The Haruv Institute, see link: https://bit.ly/2sWsovm






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