Haruv annual report 2020

KNOWLEDGE DISSEMINATION, BRANDING AND MARKETING ADVERTISING, BRANDING AND MARKETING THE HARUV INSTITUTE ACTIVITIES Publicity, Branding and Marketing Haruv Activities Since its establishment, Haruv has positioned itself at the spearhead of professional knowledge on maltreated children – detection, identification, treatment and prevention. To ensure this knowledge reaches the field people, it is important o Haruv to invest in publicity and marketing of the professional knowledge and experience accumulated, while simultaneously training widely and extensively. In recent years, special emphasis has been placed on branding material and publicizing as a strategy, to make accessible the professional knowledge accumulated in over ten years of the institute’s work in the field, and stress the importance of distributing information of its activities and content produced. reevaluation are evident: Branding and positioning of institute activities have created prominence and familiarity with the unique design of our material. These allow target audiences to easily recognize Haruv Institute content; they draw attention from a vast number of publications in the field, afford a better understanding of the institute's work, and promote collaboration. Improved branding is apparent in enhanced visibility of invitations to conferences, seminars, training sessions and learning programs, as well as pamphlets, brochures and promotional materials distributed by the institute. Haruv branding and marketing are reflected in all aspects of its enterprise. Website and Newsletter Website: Haruv website has become a significant auxiliary for Haruv Institute increased online activity in 2020. All online lecture registration was done on the website. The website was adapted and enhanced; new content was added to the database and the Arabic language was enriched, so that it too became a marketing tool for Haruv Arabic language content and activities. In 2020 a new Haruv-USA website was added, allowing activity registration and payment, and exposure to learning materials. A separate Haruv-USA mailing distribution list was created as well. Newsletter: In 2020 the institute circulated direct weekly mailing to a distribution list of approximately 15,000 professionals. Coronavirus resulted in significant increase in the number of website users, and increased use of Haruv materials. In 2020 a separate mailing was added for approximately 1,800 Haruv-USA professionals who joined the distribution list, and we hope this trend continues into 2021. Mailing enables sending activity registration, introductory messages and references to professional content. The number of subscribers rose from approximately 10,000 to over 15,000. Branding and Marketing Institute Activities Over the past three years, branding and marketing have been stepped up, and results of



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