The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

Local Pride from North to South

The past year has been dynamic growth and engagement for the Local Pride department. Our mi ss i on

enhance access to services across the country. In building strong relationships with local communities, we actively participated in leadership roles, protesting in Haifa and Be’er Sheva against the judicial overhaul while supporting numerous centers nationwide. Collaborating with the Israeli Institute for Gender and LGBTQ Studies, we conducted a nationwide comprehensive needs mapping process in municipalities. This invaluable tool established direct connections with local communities, enabling us to identify specific responses authorities could provide and outlining the Aguda’s role in addressing those needs. Our commitment to local policy advocacy was evident once again in the launch of our 4th Municipal LGBTQ Equality Index , evaluating the actions of 85 municipalities in promoting LGBTQ rights within their jurisdictions. Concurrently, we produced “The Municipal Roadmap for LGBTQ Equality,”

remains focused on fortifying and nurturing local LGBTQ communities nationwide, catalyzing policy

outlining a meticulous plan to secure LGBTQ rights across various aspects of life. An adapted version of this roadmap was featured as a chapter in “Mtspen” (compass), a guide for elected officials promoting equality in local government. In anticipation of the October 2023 municipal elections, our “Run for the Councils” program—dedicated to training and mentoring LGBTQ candidates—successfully attracted participants from all corners of the country. Looking ahead, we remain committed to deepening connections with activists through initiatives such as the regional “Local Pride Leadership Course” in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Equality. By fostering collaboration and implementing tangible tools for action, we aim to promote LGBTQ communities at the local level further, creating a shared infrastructure for cooperative efforts and societal change. As we embark on the coming year, we are excited to continue our impactful work and weave the fabric of an ever-renewing, supportive network. Presenting the Municipal LGBTQ Equality Index to the President

shifts at the municipal level. This is all geared towards addressing the unique needs of local community members and ensuring the well-being and the overall sense of security

Maya Yairi Head of Local Pride

for LGBTQ individuals. By fostering collaboration among local authorities, grassroots activists, and LGBTQ organizations, we strive to instigate local transformations that ripple into national change. Diversifying our reach, we successfully expanded our operations to encompass various regions nationwide. A dedicated team, with coordinators for the north, center, and south, collaborated with local activists to champion LGBTQ causes at the community level. These regional hubs facilitated connections between authorities and the local LGBTQ community, organizing cluster meetings and special events to

The Municipal Roadmap for LGBTQ Equality Launch Event


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